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Acts 1:8 is the heartbeat of our missions program. We believe we should be actively and intentionally impacting our local community, our geographic region, our country, and the world with the hope of the gospel.

Local Outreach

We believe ‘Love Works’. If we really love our community, we will work to serve our community. In line with this belief we have several events throughout the year that are focused on our community. We offer free community days, Easter egg hunts, and we periodically provide breakfast to teachers at local schools. This is all in an effort to serve our local community.

Regional Impact

The primary way we are striving to impact our region is through church revitalization. There are dozens and dozens of struggling churches in our area. These are churches that were once growing, thriving, and vibrant but have fallen on hard times for a variety of reasons. They have seen people leave their church, they are no longer reaching families, and their gospel witness is diminished compared to what it once was.

Many of these churches want to experience revitalization, but they are not sure where to go. We hope to be a help and a resource to them.

U.S & Cultural

We are actively working to reach and minister to people in the US, regardless of their cultural background.


We are thrilled to be partnering with over 50 missionaries around the world. The goal is to work with them to see that the message of Christ is spread and churches are started.